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The finest fallout shelter for your shelving needs. Perfect racking system for your storeroom.

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What we do

FREE Assembly & Delivery

We pride ourselves with free assembly as opposed to other companies' regular practice of additional cost for assembly. Let our experienced handymen fix your ideal rack within 10-15 minutes.

Customizable Full Metal Rack

Looking for the more luxury storeroom rack featuring a full metal style? We got it too. However, we will be honest and advise you that it will only cater to weights lesser than 150kg instead of our regular 400kg as well as an added pricing. Usually only for the high-rise office building types!

Unlimited Heavy Duty Racks

Line up as many racks as you want. Name it, we deliver and fix it! Having a store business in mind that needs to occupy the entire office or warehouse, we are just a call away! Name your quantity and we will deliver and fix!


Plan & Consultation

Unsure what kind of rack you want? We would be glad to advise you on the dimensions and on what kind of rack is suitable for you. There's no home in Singapore that doesn't take advantage of a bolt/boltless rack.

  • Mr. Tan, Chua Chu Kang
    Detailed in your drawings and patient. Thank you for coming down to measure my storeroom first with the extra consultation. Sure and thks so much once again for the prompt service.
    Mr. Tan, Chua Chu Kang
  • Ms. Nadia, Marsiling Drive
    They fixed in less than 15 minutes and our rack is now maximised with lots of store and junk. My husband even tried curling in and tried to take a nap on one of the level.
    Ms. Nadia, Marsiling Drive
  • Mr. Loh
    Affordable and fast. Ian came down to measure our storeroom and give very good advice on which size is best. He dont force to buy the most expensive package.
    Mr. Loh
  • Sohail, Keat Hong Close
    Thank you! Nice well done job at a very good price!
    Sohail, Keat Hong Close
Here;s a quick direct Whatsapp to contact us to our Sales Manager Ms. Chang!

FULL METAL rack to protect your home from natural disasters like mess tornados and clutters. Clean look suitable for study area / Google-style office work room. Combine racks to form L shape.


BOLTLESS Racks for Offices & Warehouses to protect your workplace from clutter pollution and verbal natural disasters

Here;s a quick direct Whatsapp to contact us to our Sales Manager Ms. Chang!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What type of wood do you use for your racks?
We strictly use Plywood Boards for our racks. While other companies use fibreboard for cheaper cost and availability, we avoid it like the plague. Why? The SMELL! Fibreboard material will eventually give out that woody musty smelly odour after a few months, some even after some weeks. Let us assure you - we want the best for your home and that's why we use Plywood Boards.
2How much for delivery & installation? And how long will installation take, bro?
Installation and delivery are both - FREE. We will deliver and install the racks at your home within the time frame that we have arranged and agreed upon and everything will be fixed and settled within 10-15 minutes. Just don't provide us with the wrong address though! :)
3Why are your prices cheaper than other companies?
Our racks and full-steel frames are direct factory prices. We especially work on our GALVANISED STEEL racks every morning with EPOXY POWDER coating finishing. We do not like to jack up prices for higher profits but hope for higher outreach to our local community with competitive affordable prices.