Planning for the ideal cheap storeroom rack at Telok Blangah Rise

Best and most reliable storeroom rack for your home shelter and convenience of storing all your items at home in a neatly manner!
Punggol Drive – L Shape Classic Bolt Rack Singapore (Within 20 minutes, he said!)
July 5, 2018

Planning for the ideal cheap storeroom rack at Telok Blangah Rise

Getting the ideal storeroom rack can be both an arduous and also an easy task. Why do we say that? It’s like you know you want to treat yourself to a good plate of nasi padang but you aren’t sure what to add in.

We want the perfect layout for our bomb shelter but given the limited length and width, there’s a few options we can think of –

For example, we provided our customers with layout planning before they can make a final confirmed decision.

storeroom_rack_telok_blangah1  storeroom_rack_telok_blangah2



The upfront booking payment was made and confirmation message sent!

The amount is a mere $10 per rack order. This is so that we know that we are dealing with serious buyers and not last minute bag-packers (which we face once in a while -_- )


If you’re happy, we are also happy!

storeroom_rack_woodlands_admiralty_1  storeroom_rack_woodlands_admiralty_2


Another installation and delivery for a sincere customer.

He wanted some space to put his carpets and tall things like ladder etc. In the end settled for a straight bolt rack which satisfied his requirements.




As seen above are the different colours of the galvanised steel for our Classic Bolt Rack. You can choose either Grey or Brown.

White colour is an additional $30 top up due to its additional epoxy coating.


storeroom_rack_woodlands_admiralty_5  storeroom_rack_woodlands_admiralty_6


We strongly agree with you sir! Most women at home prefer their store to be neat and clean!

Till next time!





Time to add our plywood for the finishing touch!

Time to add our plywood for the finishing touch!





This is the main reason why our racks are sturdy and stable!


Mr. Ahmad



  1. John says:

    Hi can do this weekend for the grey rack

    • Mr. Admin says:

      Weekends installation only on Saturdays sir! Sundays our men need to play with their children at the park and go kite flying. 🙂
      Do contact our sales manager via Whatsapp only ya..

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